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Nashua ProAct

As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting our customers and helping them thrive, Nashua offers ProAct as a free, value-added service.

Nashua ProAct is an innovative real-time fleet management solution that helps us increase our office efficiency and productivity for all of our document output devices, through constant monitoring of your printers or multifunction printers (MFPs). Nashua ProAct then reports critical status and condition information to our technical data centres.

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  • Nashua ProAct

    • Free value-add
    • Eliminates manual collection and reporting and increases billing accuracy
    • Proactive management of consumable levels on all devices on the network
    • Automated ‘toner low’ or ‘empty’ notifications
    • Features a security system and advanced encryption for increased security
    • Monitors error codes and keeps track of paper jams and errors on devices

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