Conferencing solutions

Conferencing is becoming an important tool, the ability to quickly and efficiently set up audio conferences to keep team members up to date with information can often make a difference. By eliminating the need for an expensive hosted dial-in service, costs are in your direct control. 

  • Affordable video conferencing system for mid to large-size conference rooms. 
  • Allows any meeting place to be a video collaboration space. 
  • USB plug-and-play connectivity. 
  • It works within your own familiar computing environment with any video conferencing software application. 
  • Razor sharp video and a beautifully designed full-duplex speakerphone. 
  • Bluetooth® wireless technology enabled mobile device for professional quality audio calls. 

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Sharing information in real-time unlocks a new communication channel with more potential than ever before. Your display screens become relevant and offer real-time information for your customers or staff members at any time. Nashua offers a range of cost-effective digital signage products.