Interactive Whiteboards & Touch Panels

Increased Interaction & Collaboration

Nashua’s Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs) can transform education, revolutionise modern meetings and drive productivity. These Multitouch IWBs are large, interactive digital whiteboard displays that have the ability to connect to a PC or projector, turning them into powerful communication tools – in essence, a large, touch-sensitive copy of your screen. Information is also then easily analysed, shared, modified and stored. 

Bring bright ideas to life

Interactive whiteboards in the workplace

Interactive whiteboards in business 

From meetings to pitches to training sessions, an interactive whiteboard can give your business the boost it needs to reach productivity goals. Our interactive whiteboards are easy and intuitive to use, flexible, and come with the right combination of features for better engagement. 

  • Enhanced visualisation. 
  • Facilitates handwriting recognition. 
  • Record videos. 
  • Enhance presentations. 
  • Better interaction and collaboration. 
  • Annotations, manipulation of content and surveys. 
  • Presentation tools that enhance Microsoft suite. 
  • Multi-Touch. 
  • Finger touch and stylus pen touch. 
Interactive whiteboards in the classroom

Interactive whiteboards in the classroom 

An interactive whiteboard is a trustworthy assistant that helps to make the teaching and learning environment more dynamic and engaging. Its user-friendly features provide a way for teachers to instruct with text, images, audio, and video to transform passive learning into an enjoyable, interactive experience. 

  • Record and save lessons for virtual instruction 
  • Present presentations created by student or teacher 
  • View and collaborate with lessons and worksheets 
  • Digital storytelling 
  • Brainstorming 
  • Teach whole group computer or keyboarding skills 
  • Watch educational videos and play educational songs 
LED Touch Panels

LED Touch Panels 

From corporate boardrooms to hybrid classrooms, our interactive touchscreen panels enable ultimate collaboration. With leading touch technology, versatile functionality, and compatibility with third-party software, they are the only platforms you need to build an engaging teaching and learning environment. 

  • Create media rich content. 
  • Share files. 
  • Directly edit files in real-time. 
  • Cross-platform functionality. 
  • Remote sharing. 
  • Streamlining workflows. 
  • Security and adaptability. 


  • Increased Interaction & Collaboration – Showing videos and slides can be enhanced to allow students to become involved in the learning process.  
  • Multi-touch capabilities let groups of students edit and experience onscreen content as a team and brainstorm. 
  • Better Student Engagement – This benefit can be seen at all levels of education, along with improvements in participation, motivation, and cooperation. 
  • Interactive displays help support all learning styles – Allows kinaesthetic learners be active by standing up and moving while learning. 
  • Videos and multimedia presentations are great for visual and auditory learners. 
  • Teachers can capture and save notes written on the screen to send to students who learn from reading.  
  • Feedback – Offers effective and trackable feedback. When students receive more feedback, the learning environment is improved. 
  • Classroom Management – Fun and dynamic lessons, can be created effectively, fascinate students and gain attention. 
  • Communication – An additional feature on displays when they are not in a school are using them to share important messages such as emergency alerts.  
  • Ease of Use – Interactive displays do not require any specialized training and complex software and tools. 
  • Speed – Accuracy and speed is improved with a stylus. 
  • Cleanliness – Interactive displays use glass coated with a material that prevents smudges and dirt from collecting on them. 


  • Start meetings in moments – By setting up a touchscreen, along with a conferring solution your room will be prepped to join meetings in an instant – no fussy cables or dial-in codes required.   
  • Increased productivity – Retain meeting notes directly from the whiteboard, and instantly share documents with the participants. By empowering staff to maximise their productivity and transforming meetings to be more engaging, dynamic and creative for all attendees – both in the office or at home.  
  • Better collaboration – The flexibility to easily share ideas and content from a multi-touch canvas, regardless of location can greatly improve teamwork.  
  • Convenient conferencing – The ability to connect any personal device to an Interactive Touchscreen maximises the convenience of quick meetings and remote sharing.  
  • More engaging presentations – Incorporating features like annotations, 3-D objects, images and videos into existing Microsoft Office Suite products presentations become   a more interactive and engaging experience for everyone.  
  • Improve your bottom line – The total cost of ownership of Interactive Touchscreens is markedly lower than other office and meeting room solutions, so you can better invest into your business and your people. 

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