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Touch LED Solutions

Nashua has partnered with Parrot to bring you a range of interactive touch technology systems. Parrot Touch LED provides a fast and intuitive interface and facilitates collaboration, increased productivity and profitability.

It is easy to use with any Windows laptop, computer or tablet through plug and play and gives full touch access to any programme or app. Parrot Touch LED is also not restricted to any one industry or business – from the boardroom to the classroom, there is a touch LED solution for you.

This service is also backed up with free lifetime remote support, a free demo and training session, installation services and onsite support and ongoing consultations – so that you are fully prepared for success.

Find your solution.

  • LED Touch Panels

    • Facilitates handwriting recognition that converts to text on screen
    • Facilitates annotation over any application
    • Supports WIFI printer
    • Offers intelligent temperature control
    • Includes auto light adjustment
    • Designed with toughened glass

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