Managed Document Solutions

More efficiency, more compliance, more collaboration

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Nashua’s Managed
Document Solutions

We help digitise your document processes to make your business more efficient, more collaborative and more compliant – saving you time and money.

Find your solution.

  • Nuance® Power PDF

    • Improved experience
    • Create PDF files directly from your scanner with time-saving one-click scanning to PDF
    • Use voice to quickly capture ideas within the PDF file
    • Get word processing capabilities in your PDF
    • Access your documents in the cloud
    • Encourage compliance with records and document lifecycle policies
    • Enhance document security with password encryption
  • PlanetPress

    • Object-oriented workflow tools
    • Support for a wide variety of data and document input
    • Unique Windows driver for input from any Windows application
    • Advanced PDF handling tools
  • AutoStore®

    • Works with all major manufacturers
    • Integrated Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) connector
    • Bi-directional database lookups
    • Document image processing
    • 40+ free backend connectors
    • 1D/2D barcode recognition
    • Front panel browse-to-scan
  • ScannerVision™

    • Can be embedded on a wide range of multifunctional devices
    • Operates via touch panel screen
    • ScannerVision™ Desktop Client operates from a notebook or laptop
    • Can distribute and route documents to a variety of destinations
    • Advanced Bi-tonal Compression module for creating online, searchable electronic archives
    • Barcode Writing module with 40 different types of barcodes
    • A host of standard document connectors with no extra licences to purchase
  • DocuWare

    • Increased productivity
    • Secure and error-free processes
    • Secure and compliant data
    • Zero mistakes and list information
    • Documents protected from unauthorised access or data loss and system failure
    • Invoices can be sent via email and are stored automatically

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