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Keep connected and productive

In today’s fast-paced office environment, your business needs to become more collaborative, flexible, productive, and data-dependent. Having the right internet connectivity can make or break, not just a single project employees are working on but the success of your entire operation.

As a trusted wireless internet provider, Nashua can deliver reliable, high-speed wireless internet that supports the evolving needs of your business. We work closely with all of our clients – from preparation to installation to support, using our wireless internet solutions to tailor a connectivity package that fits the requirements of your business just right.

Our uncapped wireless internet packages

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Voice Connect

Our flexible voice services allow you to allocate up to 30 channels or lines, and you don’t need to replace your existing PABX equipment and handsets, as our IP lines are able to interface with current and legacy systems. The package also includes five static IP addresses, so the world can connect with your business simpler and quicker.

Nashua’s advanced network and well-established interconnect agreements with all the major telecom providers and operators ensure you will receive competitive voice termination rates, which result in meaningful cost savings for your business. For your convenience, we also provide geographic number portability, which ensures that you keep your familiar and established numbers when migrating to our solution. Talk to us about how we can save up to 40% on your monthly fees and call bills.

Data Connect

Nashua’s Data Connect provides your business with premium-quality internet access that is both uncapped and unshaped – giving you the benefit of a connectivity solution that is fast and inexpensive.

Whether you require a speedy setup and connection or you are simply sick of being disconnected by damaged or stolen cables, we can provide you with high quality and reliable wireless connectivity. Nashua’s wireless internet services provide your business with high performance and low latency internet connectivity over state-of-the-art microwave technology.

Depending on the needs of your business, we have cost-effective and flexible bandwidth packages available from 5 Mbps upwards, with various contention ratios to suit the requirements of your business and your people. It is quick and efficient to install compared to fixed-line data solutions, and should the service go down, you know you have peace of mind with Nashua’s 24/7 support. So contact us to find the solution that suits your business. 

Data Connect
Voice and Data enterprise

Voice and Data Premium

Designed for businesses like yours, our superior fixed-wireless point-to-point data solution has the scalability and flexibility to meet any business opportunity or challenge thrown at it. With quick deployment, wide coverage, MPLS capabilities, and international breakout on a proven and well established network, you are going to get one of the best low latency solutions out there.

Nashua’s robust offering, with its lowest contention ratios, guarantees that voice, video, and data traffic is routed inexpensively across the infrastructure at high-speed. With 30 or more voice channels available and dedicated voice (VOIP) bandwidth, you can rely on carrier-grade voice in and out of the business.

All of Nashua’s connectivity offerings give you the added peace of mind of a dedicated end-to-end network management support team, which has you covered 24/7. We are also extremely conscious of your network security and continue to add world-class encryption and security features to our network to ensure it is one of the safest out there. It also goes without saying that you will never have to worry about the nightmare and disruption of cable theft or cable damage ever again.

Voice and Data Enterprise

Voice and Data Enterprise is a superior, fixed-wireless point-to-point solution which has the scalability and flexibility to cater for any enterprise-sized business or organisation. With quick deployment, wide coverage, MPLS capabilities, and international breakout on a proven and well-established network, you can look forward to one of the best low latency solutions out there.

Our robust offering guarantees that voice, video, and data traffic is routed inexpensively across the infrastructure at high speed. And as Nashua provides dedicated voice bandwidth as part of the solution, along with virtually unlimited voice channels and five Static IP’s, you are guaranteed carrier-grade voice quality.

With Nashua, your connectivity is secured with a 99.5% availability SLA and an array of redundancy solutions, and our highly experienced network management support teams ensure you are covered 24/7.

Voice and Data Premium

Nashua wireless internet for business



  • High-speed, low-latency Internet access
  • Unshaped and uncapped wireless internet, subject to AUP / FUP
  • Rapid deployment times
  • Service Level Agreements apply
  • Static public IP addresses included
  • 24/7 Network operations Centre & Helpdesk
  • SLA uptime guarantees (Premium and Enterprise)

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See how Nashua’s wireless internet can make a difference to your business

Want to ask about our uncapped wireless internet packages or learn more about working with Nashua as your wireless internet provider? Contact us now, and a representative will respond shortly.