Nashua Surveillance Solutions

Best-in-class CCTV, surveillance hardware and 24/7 365 monitoring creates a comprehensive surveillance platform tailored to your budget and business needs.

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Nashua Surveillance Hardware

Banking, finance, transportation, government, shipping, hospitality, healthcare and education – these are just some of the sectors for which surveillance is crucial. So Nashua has partnered with Hikvision (the world’s leading surveillance equipment supplier) to bring you integrated, end-to-end security solutions that allow you to protect your people, your confidential information and your valuable assets.

Whether it’s digital (IP) or analogue CCTV, indoor or outdoor, thermal or ANPR cameras, Nashua has an extensive range of high-performance, cost-effective products available. 

Since most crime happens at night, improving video quality during night-time hours is one of the most important concerns of the video surveillance industry. Hikvision’s range of DarkFighter Technology provides crystal clear images even in the dark.

You can also access your business surveillance equipment 24/7 from any smart device, allowing you to check on the security of your business no matter where you are.

Nashua Surveillance
Monitoring Solution

What’s more important for your business – prevention or protection? The Nashua Surveillance Monitoring Solution allows you to have both, with a pro-active, 24/7 365 remote monitoring solution that prevents, protects and provides you with the right data, at any given time.

Our comprehensive solution takes the guess work out of securing your business. Perimeter monitoring is key to ensuring your business is protected, by keeping undesired elements off your property and preventing breaches before they happen. Monitoring of entrance and exit points and other areas of interest is also easily achieved, and alerts are real-time and communicated immediately to the appropriate individuals as defined by you e.g. a security response company or the building manager.

With the Nashua Surveillance Monitoring Solution you can sleep soundly at night – safe in the knowledge that we don’t take sick days, we don’t go on holiday and we don’t go home at night – we see everything, all the time.

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