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Intelligent hard and software innovations

RISO Series Printers feature numerous intelligent hard and software innovations that ensure your business has a machine that is space-efficient, reliable, and smart.

From its compact main unit to its unwavering inkjet output quality, this machine provides support for your professional printing business that no other printer can.

Explore Nashua’s Riso printer range

Riso ComColor Range

Riso ComColor Range

has equipped GL Series printers with its proprietary inkjet printing technology featuring a unique inkjet printhead, and a high-capacity SSD for fast, complex data processing and high-speed simplex and duplex printing.

Riso Duplicator Range

Riso Duplicator Range

The range of Riso duplicators are the most cost-effective solution for making more than 25 copies of a specific page. Using ink instead of toner, the Riso duplicator series requires no warmup time, operates at advanced speed, and uses less electricity.

Riso GL9730

Heatless Printing Mechanism

Saves power and Reduces printing time. When you’re under pressure to complete a host of jobs within a small window, you need a printer that keeps you ahead of the game. RISO’s GL Series printers not only deliver professional speed and superior quality, but our proprietary ink and heatless printing ensure printed sheets that are free of static and won’t warp or curl. 

Cold, Dry, Flat Output 

RISO’s proprietary oil-based pigment ink and heatless printing result in cold printouts that don’t require drying. 

Fast-Drying Ink

The Printers employ oil-based pigment inks. With oil-based ink, there is no moisture for the paper to absorb. It is water-resistant, meaning that there is no bleeding. Oil-based ink also ensures consistency in color output— even at such high speed—as well as longer-lasting quality. The black ink is resistant to light, making it ideal for documents that need to be stored long-term. 

Flat Output for Smooth Processing

Riso series printers deliver completely flat printouts, which makes post-printing go more smoothly. Processes such as folding, binding, and inserting can be accomplished rapidly. 

Energy-Efficient Operation

No heat is used during the print-imaging stage, which means that less electricity is required. This efficient use of energy adds up to significant cost savings across the printer’s lifecycle. 

Superior Durability

Riso Series printers do not incorporate parts such as drums, fusers, or transfer belts which require regular maintenance. This results in lower maintenance costs and reduced use of natural resources in comparison to toner-based printers. 

No Harmful Emissions

Unlike toner-based printers, RISO inkjet printers do not emit ozone or toner articles, making them extremely friendly to the workplace and the environment. 

Riso SF5350

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Take productivity to the max with our commercial printers

Now is the time to take control of your print environment, reduce costs, increase document security and compliance, enhance office productivity, and minimise the environmental impact of printing. If you’re interested in learning more about how Nashua’s digital commercial printing solution can help your business grow? Please connect with us.