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Smart access control systems. Advanced building protection

Access control is one of the most important elements of a robust security strategy. It is the practice of regulating who can enter certain buildings, or specific areas and rooms within a building. While you naturally want to create an open, inviting atmosphere and make employees and visitors feel comfortable and confident moving around, you also need to protect your company from unauthorised access.

By investing in innovative, high-speed access control technology, your organisation can gain the edge when it comes to keeping your people and assets safe in today’s complex threat environment.

Nashua’s access control solutions

Access Control Solutionsp

The front line for your building security

Invaluable in numerous sectors, Nashua’s best-of-breed Access Control Solutions allow you to manage entry and access into specific buildings, locations and areas within a building.

Beyond traditional security, access control systems can help your business increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs by integrating a large variety of workforce products and solutions.

Nashua’s Access Control Solutions has set the international benchmark in user-friendly fingerprint/facial recognition for access control, and time and attendance with its top-notch proprietary algorithm and cutting-edge technology.

Get matched with the perfect access control system for your needs

Comprising a range of intelligent terminals/controllers and management software, the Nashua Access Control Solution addresses the requirements of small, medium and large enterprises, and replaces conventional keys and passwords with biometric access control and RF cards for improved convenience and security.

access control

Our access control security makes an impact in every industry

We cater to the access management needs of a vast array of industries with customised cutting-edge solutions that give companies total control over who can access their premises.

Industries we serve 

  • Banking
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Commercial real estate
  • Data centres
  • Multi-store retail
  • Enterprise business
  • Education
  • Multi-tenant housing
  • Sporting and entertainment venues
  • Hospitality
  • Industrial facilities

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Access control systems that grow along with your business

From the smallest installations to large-scale roll-outs, our access control solutions are designed to support as many or as few entrance points and can be scaled to grow according to your protection concerns.

Whether you’re ready to deploy a new system or are simply tired of your old access control system, Nashua can create a unique solution to meet the needs of your business.