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Power your surveillance with a CCTV network switch

A digital CCTV system is a combination of software and hardware components that your organisation will use for the sake of the property’s safety and protection. To get the most out of your CCTV system, you need a CCTV camera switch to support your organisation’s surveillance needs.

Nashua can provide your business or organisation with managed and unmanaged CCTV network switches to build a reliable, high-performance security surveillance system. Our comprehensive inventory includes a wide range of ethernet switches and PoE switches, led by our expertise in hardware installation. Nashua is partnered with Hikvision, an industry leading manufacturer of surveillance equipment, to help clients acquire known and trusted hardware solutions.

CCTV PoE switches

Traditionally, when digital security cameras are installed, they rely on two types of connection: a network connection that receives, processes, and forwards data between video recording and display equipment, and a power connection that carries the electrical power needed to run the cameras.

However, if the camera is POE-enabled, a single Ethernet cable carries both power and network capabilities, simplifying installation and eliminating the cost of installing additional electrical wiring.

CCTV PoE switches in action

The switch has several ethernet ports to ensure continuous power supply and network communication to connected cameras. PoE technology uses IEEE standards 802.3af, 802.3at, and 802.3bt. Hikvision PoE Switches offer 300m maximum transmission distance.

cctv switch
CCTV Network Switches

Managed CCTV camera switches

Due to their ability to be configured to fit your network, managed switches provide a higher degree of security and flexibility and advanced functionality. Managed network switches typically feature a dashboard or similar interface that can often be accessed via a web browser for monitoring and customising various aspects of the network configuration

Unmanaged CCTV camera switches

Unlike managed switches, unmanaged switches require no configuration and work immediately after plugging them in. This type of switch is usually used for basic networking needs. It is a simple way to expand ethernet ports in your setup.

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