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High-performance digital CCTV camera solutions

The threat of having your assets stolen, vandalised, or tampered with is a constant worry for businesses of any size, from startups to large corporations. Like any other business, you can’t afford having your operations brought to a standstill by crime.

Nashua’s digital CCTV camera solutions provide protection against all types of physical threats to give you, your employees, and your customers total peace of mind.

Select from a wide range of digital CCTV camera solutions that suits the size and needs of your business. As a trusted partner, Nashua can help increase confidence in the safety and security of your particular organisation through a combination of best-in-class surveillance technology and expertise built on years of experience.

What are digital CCTV cameras?

Today, digital CCTV cameras are increasingly becoming the golden standard of modern video surveillance. You may also hear them referred to as IP cameras or network cameras. A digital CCTV system differs from analog cameras in that they transmit and receive video footage through a network or over the internet while offering the latest technological advantages in surveillance. 

The digital CCTV system setup

IP cameras can connect to a network wirelessly via wireless internet, or through a cabling setup via an Ethernet cable. In order to use digital CCTV, you need an NVR (Network Video Recorder) used for storing and viewing footage as well as a Power over Ethernet (POE)—a device with multiple ethernet ports that provides power and communication to IP cameras. 

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Take your security to a new level

Intelligent surveillance

Our solutions have highly advanced, AI-driven capabilities that enable face recognition, object recognition and event recognition. The technology filters out costly false alarms and improves response times.

Real-time monitoring

Log into the system from a smart device and access live footage. Check on your property anytime you want, anywhere you are. View multiple cameras from a single screen.

Speak to our digital CCTV camera experts

If you are interested in getting a digital CCTV system installed at your premises, speak to our team today. We can help you find a solution that best suits your business’s budget and needs.