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Projectors and Screens.

Projectors and screens have come a long way since they were first introduced. From budget to high-end machines, Nashua offers a range of sophisticated projectors and screens that can be adapted to your office space, your school or even your restaurant for broadcast of special sporting events.

Our team of experts can help you pick a projector and screen combination to suit your business needs, including our portable, short-throw projectors, a sophisticated mirror technology that projects high-quality images from as close at 11.7cm.

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  • Projectors and Screens

    • Range of projectors for different business needs and budgets
    • World-leading brands
    • Pull down screens, tripod screens, electric screens, ceiling boxes for pulldown or electric screens
    • Projector screens are wrinkle free, flame retardant and mildew resistant.
    • Projector screens available in various sizes with different screen ratios

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