ScannerVision automate document workflows

ScannerVision is a solution to automate document workflows, which capturesprocesses and stores scanned documents as well as documents generated by other applications. Every document that goes to ScannerVision will go through these 3 primary functions.

  • Capture- Determines where documents come from (MFP, Desktop Modules/Clients, Hot Folder, E-mail, etc)
  • Process- Determines what is done to the document. This could include barcode reading, recognizing texts with the help of Optical Character Recognition (OCR),
  • Store- Determines where and how the document should be saved, which could be another folder on the network, a database, as an e-mail attachment, a Cloud Storage or document management system

ScannerVision offers a number of unique and advanced features to help you create the workflow you require with minimum time and effort.

  • Full Connectors Range
  • ScannerVision Expression Editor (SEE)
  • Conditional Connector Execution
  • Zone Recognition
  • Barcodes and QR codes
  • Zonal Barcodes Reading
  • PDF Signing
  • Automatic Forms Recognition (AFR)
  • Single Sign-on Functions
  • Bi-directional Connectors
  • Dual OCR Engine
  • Parallel Processing Engine
  • Aivika Capture Pro
  • AD Import
  • Certificates

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