Aivika document capturing

aivika is a set of tools that simplify document capturing from desktop and mobile devices, and enables workflow between employees and departments, making document sharing and distribution in an organization or between organizations more efficient.

  • Capture-the ability to capture documents and data anytime anywhere has become an essential requirement in today’s business world.
  • Process-aivika templates can take care of your tedious documentation processes such as indexing, archiving, and extracting business critical data all within in a few clicks.
  • Store-aivika can store, route, and distribute your documents regardless of where they are in their life cycle, saving you both time and resources.

aivika provides streamlined solutions, insights, and competitive advantages to businesses seeking to take benefit of changes in the marketplace. When you need to be able to quickly convert paper documents into digital ones, aivika conforms to your business operations by providing scanning services to help you convert your documents into digital files.

  • Multisource Capture
  • Webcam Capture
  • Unlimited Hot folder
  • aivika Scan Setting
  • aivika mobile
  • 16 UI languages
  • Document Preview
  • Advanced Document Composition
  • Advance Image Processing
  • Zone OCR & Barcode Reading
  • Personalized User Profile
  • Document Redaction
  • Document Toolbox
  • 45 OCR languages
  • Upload to DMS in a flash
  • Customized workflow
  • Connectors Support
  • PDF-A

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